Facebook Marketing Automation Suite
INR 4999/Year

Facebook Marketing Automation Suite

OS : Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10
Requirements : Internet Connection
Publisher : SEOMarketing
Support : 24x7 Software Support & Automatic Updates
  • Facebook Marketing Automation now you can easily reach out to your potential customers and clients.
  • Software is built to make your life easier. Auto Posting, Bulk Connect/Join, Bulk Message etc.
  • Automate your Facebook prospecting process and get hundreds of Warm Leads with just 10 min a day.
  • We simulate human behaviour and set daily maximum usage so that your account stays under the limits.
  • The software provides a detailed log sheet with the reports.
  • Software will update automatically when new features came.
  • Automate Facebook Connections like request to connect with random set message.
  • Automate Facebook Messages like sent bulk messages to targer users.
  • Gain better Visibility with "LinkedIn Auto Profile Viewer"
  • Multithreaded process for faster email sending.
  • The software has options to START - PAUSE - STOP in running mode.